This Hollywood dog-walker photographs his 'clients' with the nicest cars he can find

Brian Bell’s Instagram account is for lovers of cars, dogs or – ideally – both 


Brian Bell is just your ordinary, friendly neighbourhood dog-walker. 

Only in the friendly neighbourhood where he lives, in the hills of Hollywood, California, the cars that populate the roads and parking lots are not-so-average.

They’re above-average, actually — often way, way so. 

That fact – that the areas he regularly steps out into with his four-legged clients are lined with luxury, classic and exotic vehicles – his innate car nerd-ery makes his Instagram account, @dogsandcars85, also rather above-average. 

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“I just keep my eyes out for cars I think are interesting and shoot it with whatever dog I happen to be walking,” says Brian. “I’ve always been a huge car nerd going back to a being a little kid and just sitting on the side of the street watching the cars drive by. If I ever see a car I can’t immediately identify, I will obsess over it until I figure out what it is.”

Brian says his clients include everything from “nurses to porn stars to big-time Hollywood managers to business men and women.”

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And when it comes to his clients’ pets, well, there’s the black pug, Bubba, who posed in front of this 1936 Ford.

Or, for example, there’s Papi, who is a regular customer and appears to have a thing for the classics. 

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Sometimes the dogs don’t seem as excited about the experience as Brian is. Like Riley, who was caught mid-yawn in front of a Nissan GT-R. 

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And other times they look even more stoked on the find. 

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Anyway, if you live in the Hollywood area, have a dog and like cars (or have a dog that likes cars), you should probably hire Brian. 

At the very least you’ll get photo evidence that your dog is actually getting ample exercise. 

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